We don’t just build precision parts, we build relationships.

Rose Integration - Machining Shop Eastern Ontario

Rose Integration began its journey in the early 1980’s with an idea and a mission of providing a level of customer service and quality second to none in the high-tech sector. Over the years, the company has built relationships across the globe for products and services. With a stable of long tenured employees, the foundation has remained steady as the company has branched out into Aerospace and Defence. 

We’ve built our reputation through the strength of our experience and diverse offerings and by delivering high quality and reliable service. Our capacity and experience working with multiple outside processes has helped us achieve our greatest success—forging lasting relationships with our customers.


Rose Integration’s commitment to building long-term relationships with our customers is unwavering. They not only want us to produce precision machined products and services, they want us to build strong relationships based on unparalleled service, prompt communication, help to solve problems, and the constant goal to minimize their costs.

We have achieved this shared goal by committing our entire team to a set of core values of Customer Service Excellence, Quality and Partnership. These core values guide our team as we strive to be one of the most dependable, diversified, efficient and trusted precision machine shops in the industry.


Customer Service Excellence
It’s an attitude that’s ingrained
in every department.

We live by a quality-first mentality throughout the shop.

Listening to our customers
determines our business strategies and drives our culture.